PARACN.COM-Devotion to the
Development of Paragliding and Folk Flying in China
PARACN.COM which was founded in July 25, 2006 has just celebrated its 5th anniversary on July 2011. The website currently has nine main sections, three auxiliary sections and 37 local sub-sections covering more than 37 cities in 10 provinces. There are more than 7,000 registered members from mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau. The site which has earned more than 400 million PV per month is becoming the most popular flight website in Chinese-speaking regions.

The website’s content is mainly about paragliding, and also has touch on subjects as parachutes, delta wings, power deltas, and light-weight sport planes. A good few meaningful flight events and competitions have been held successfully in the past years. With these experiences, is now growing up into the most influential flight sports website.


Online services:
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Off-line services:
Our members have years of experiences on flying, organization and planning. We have actively participated in various kinds of paragliding events which will assist us in taking quick action to promote your products. Regardless of who you are, we can satisfy you with our good services.
Attach here some pictures of past events.


There are more than 98% of paragliding coaches have signed up in the website. And we have been working well with dozens of flying clubs in China, together with them we have planned different kinds of flight events successfully during the past five years.
CROSS COUNTRY CHINA magazine has its promotion in the website in 2007, and received more than 2000 subscribers.
GLOBAL FLYING magazine was promoted in the website in 2009, and earned more than 1,000 subscribers.
LEISURE AVIATION CHINA magazine was promoted in the website in 2010, and got more than 3,000 subscribers.
The Carnival in Fuyang, Zhejiang has been planned and held annually by PARACN from 2005 to 2010, which has become a great get-together for Chinese paragliding members.
We have participated in, organized, and planned lots of events since 2006.
If you are looking for agents for your products in China or want to sell your products on line, we will definitely be your first choice as we have thousands of faithful members who love flying to serve you with straight assistance. Please send mail to us if you have any suggestion.


The most matured and potential venues for paragliding in China at present are located in: Yong’an mountain in Fuyang,Zhejiang province, Linlu mountain in Linzhou, Henan province, Fulong mountain in Cixi, Zhejiang province, Taining tourist district in Fujian province, Wugong mountain in Pingxiang,Jiangxi province. The sites which PARACN members have taken part in the planning are the ones in Yong’an Mountain and Taining. Most of our activities are taken in these two places. At the same time the members are doing their utmost to push forward the site construction in different regions, and will soon launch the project of Paragliding China League in 2012. (Paragliding China League) PCL.PARACN.COM will be launched at the end of 2011 after testing for more than 1 year.

Passion for flying:
The members may take every opportunity to fly in weekends, and more than 80% of the members will travel to different cities for flying, more than 60% of the pilots will go abroad to Australia, Europe, and America for flying every year.

Capacity for high consumption: Paragliding is still a high consumption activity in China. More than 95% of the PARACN members have their own private cars and stable jobs. More than 30% of the pilots are always upgrading them with flight skills and training them with different equipments such as parachutes, delta wings, power deltas, helicopters, and light-weight airplanes. And mostly they buy such equipments.

Fancy for equipments: About 30% of the PARACN members have two sets of paragliding equipments and will replace them in one or two years. They are fond of updating them with the latest paragliding and flying equipments.

Love for Internet Sharing: The members will spend average 3 hours daily on Except the weekends for flying, they will spend their spare time on browsing the website for information such as the recent flight activities, the latest equipments, and sharing the pictures and posts about the flying at the last weekend.


We are expecting the cooperation with all flight companies. Please join us!